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"Before there were #fanlovefriday's...before I had gotten signed...before anything significant happened with my music career...there was one girl who was a true fan, that saw my potential well before I could even see it...Krissy you've been in heaven for more than a few years now...I can only imagine how much better it is up there than it is down here.  But I just wanted to tell you that I'll never forget the time you snuck in to see my high school band Pangea perform a Battle of the Bands at St. Cajetan's grade didn't have any money, and you weren't old enough to get in apparently, but you were determined to hear me sing and play so you risked getting caught.  You were always my biggest fan.  There will never be a greater fan than you.  You stuck by me before anybody really knew who I was...and you're still by my side today.  God bless you, and I hope to make it to heaven so that I can sing to you everyday.  You're my forever Fan Love Friday.  #fanlovefriday#dylanlloyd#kingofcoolpop"